Anonymous said: Are you with Bill Gothard's teachings? Then do you know of the accusations that are made against him? The harassment of a girl of his staff... I'm not against his teachings, but I'm questioning his actual character. Thanks in advance for an answer.

Sorry if I’m replying late, haven’t been on here in awhile, but no, I don’t follow his teachings. The reason being because I have been focused more on reading the bible mainly, but when I do read other books it is by older contemporaries like Spurgeon, Chambers, Tozer, etc., and very few preachers from our present time. Even when I did follow some of Gothard’s stuff, it was every once and a while, but not consistently. I am becoming more careful and cautious about who I allow to minister to me. But anyways, nope I hadn’t heard about that situation, but I pray everything works out for the girl and those involved that’s been affected by the issue. It’s sad to see stuff like that happen, and I know it grieves the Lord as well. Hopefully many ministries and leaders will learn from situations like this, making sure that they have accountability and that they are keeping themselves under the authority and submission of Christ.

Friday Jan 1 @ 07:05pm

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